Star Crazy

An Intergalactic Burlesque Adventure

Thursday April 29th
Showtime - 7pm CDT
VIP After Party - 9pm CDT

Presale General Admission - $10
Presale VIP* - $20
Day-of General Admission - $15
Day-of VIP* - $25
Rent the Video (4/30 thru 5/8) - $10

*Includes entrance to the interactive VIP After Party at Newport Theatre's Virtual Venue

*** Tipping is highly encouraged during this event! ***
Each performer's tipping information will be displayed for viewers during the show.

All general tips sent to @CrescentMoonNerdlesque will be split equally among the cast.

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Email us at!

The year is 2999.

Planet Earth has been in an intergalactic quarantine due to a highly contagious & mysterious virus - but good news, everyone! The cure has finally been discovered and administered to all of Earth's inhabitants.

After being cooped up in their homes and stuck on the planet, everyone has been a little STIR CRAZY and are ready to break free to explore new horizons again, which means

Hop on our Galactic Thrust Master starship for a whimsical guided tour across the galaxy through time, space -and fandoms- to explore all things intergalactic and science-fiction!

This production is co-produced in partnership with The (Beat) Theatre Collective.
Check them out here! ➡️➡️➡️


Renaissance Noir as The Lost Doctor from Doctor Who
Lady Ve'Lush as Leeloo from The Fifth Element
Lil Cotton Flower as Guinan from Star Trek: The Next Generation
Betty Brash as Leela from Futurama
Mone't Ha-Sidi as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader from Star Wars
Harlie HoneyPot as Princess Aura from Flash Gordon
Anna Nymph as Kaylee from Firefly
Allie Dente as Malakili, The Rancor Trainer from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Poppy Seed as Ellen Ripley from Alien
Special performances by the Crescent Moons!
... and Foxie la Fleur as your Galactic Tour Guide Bimbo™️ Asstra



Co-Producers: Foxie la Fleur, Minnie Barre, Natividad Salgado (Naughty Nati)
Tech Director: Joe Dolmon
Marketing Lead: Ben F. Silverio
Casting Director: Harlie HoneyPot
Box Office Manager: Mags Magenta
Copywriter: Andrea Berting
Production Assistants: Seraphina Violet Cueller,
Lottie a la West
Choreography: Ruby Claret

Executive Director: Natividad Salgado
Director of Marketing & Development: Tara Bouldrey
Managing Director: Linnae Caurdy
Production Manager: Kimberly Thompson