This is the May


Welcome back, space cadets! Due to a temporal anomaly, we had to abandon ship part way through our April 29th livestream performance. But good news, everyone! The video rental is available NOW through May 12th at 11:59pm.

We also plan to air a second livestream of the show on WEDNESDAY, MAY 12TH at 7PM CT! Get ready, because it's the extended edition - aka "The Asstra Cut". You'll see some burlesque acts not originally featured in the first cut, as well as some deleted scenes and bloopers.

(Don't worry, this cut won't be four hours long - eat your heart out, Zack Snyder.)

Tickets for the second livestream and for the video rental are both $10. Get your tickets now!

Were you among our starry-eyed fans who joined us on our out-of-this-world tour on the 29th? Keep an eye on your inbox for an incoming transmission - you'll be receiving a complimentary link to both the video rental AND the second livestream.

Thank you for your empathy and patience. We can't wait to show you this incredible adventure in its true form!