Performer Interviews!


Greetings to all you galactic guys, gals, and non-binary pals! We're here with another blog post to introduce you to some of the stellar cast members of Star Crazy. While we are also featuring them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, we thought it would be fun to dive more in-depth with a little questionnaire.

So, without further ado: here's two of your out-of-this-world performers!

Lil Cotton Flower

IG: @pick_lilcotton, @Bellesfemmesnoir


How were you first introduced to burlesque?

I was introduced to burlesque first in a book! Babylon Girls by Jayna Brown. In it, she talks at length about the role Black women performers played in shaping modernity. There was one line about the historical correlation between "female minstrelsy" (i.e. white women performers in black face) and burlesque that really lit a fire in me to think about ways to reclaim Black women's performance histories through performance. So burlesque for me is a venue for Black feminist performance art/interventions. A few years later I met my glitter comrade JuJu Sparkles and they invited me to compete in Nudie Nubies SF with them. My friends and fam really showed up to support me in that first show produced. I ended up winning that month and ever since, I've just kept pulling together new acts and looking for radical shows/venues to perform them.

Besides Earth, what is your favorite planet in our solar system and why?

Venus! It's my astrological ruler (Taurus Sun + Moon) and I like thinking about its bright fiery hotness, so much light always making itself present in our night sky.

What fictional space vessel would you most want to travel on?

Oo. This is a tough one but I think it's Deep Space 9. I wanna be on an intergalactic home base with the option to leave and explore but also with the opportunity to be in the temple, time travel in a holodeck, or stare out the windows on the promenade to catch glimpses of the Prophets -- and also, Jadzia Dax ;)

Poppy Seed

IG: @poppyseedburly


TW: @BurlesqueSeed


UPCOMING SHOW: Full Frontal Nerdity with Geekenders Burlesque, Wednesday May 5th, 10pm CST

How were you first introduced to burlesque?

I have always been an artist and a performer. I started figure modeling in college and burlesque was a natural next step....even though it took me YEARS to get there. But now that I'm here, I love it too much to leave.

Besides Earth, what is your favorite planet in our solar system and why?

It's Pluto. I know it's technically not a "planet" any more but I grew up knowing it was and that hasn't changed for me. I think it's this weird metaphor for other people trying to identify who you are for you. For me, that's one of the reasons I got into burlesque in the first place. I want to be authentically me as I see myself, with the name that I chose, creating the art that is bursting to get out of my soul. And burlesque is how I do that.

Do you have a favorite moment in your burlesque career thus far?

Burlesque is filled with moments that are my "favorite." The first time I stepped out on stage as a burlesque performer. The first time I was asked to be a company member with a troupe. The first time I was cast in a show by a stranger that didn't know me as a person beforehand. Burlesque for me is a journey and it's so exciting to take new turns on the road.

What fictional space vessel would you most want to travel on?

I. LOVE. SPACESHIPS. There are a ton that I would love to be on, but I think my favorite is a Firespray-31...specifically Slave One (for the non-Star Wars obsessed, that's Jango Fett's ship).

What is the biggest misconception that the general public has about burlesque that you'd like to correct?

I think the biggest misconception is that it is always glamorous. Yes, totally, we get to look incredible and drape ourselves in sequins and feathers. BUT a lot of it is hustle and hard work. The artist that you are drooling over on stage spent hours and hours and hella dollars on the act that you are watching. We hide the struggle to give you a seamless performance.


To see more of these lovely performers (and their heavenly bodies), don't forget to get your tickets for Star Crazy: An Intergalactic Burlesque Adventure ASAP! 

Stay tuned next week for part two of our Performer Interviews!