meet the ensemble

photo by steven townshend

Foxie la Fleur

Co-Founder  //  Executive Co-Producer  //  
Artistic Director

(she / her / hers)

"She's got the moxie and the allure"

Foxie is a Chicago-based performer and producer, and has been doing burlesque since 2014. She is a choreographer, art model, actor, singer, cosplayer and LARPer with a background in musical theatre. Over the summer of 2018, she founded CRESCENT MOON NERDLESQUE. Foxie won "Best Choreographer" in the Chicago Reader's Best of Chicago Awards 2019, along with her company Crescent Moon Nerdlesque being runner-ups in the "Best Dance Troupe" category. 

She has performed with the Kiss Kiss Cabaret, Bordel, Beast Women, Backdoor Saloon, Aunt Nance's Shakin' it at Shakers,  PS Burlesque, NewMoon Productions, GeekHaus and Harlequin Girls Burlesque. Other theatrical credits include MOON PRISM POWER! A SAILOR MOON MUSICAL PARODY (Queen Beryl / Choreographer - Otherworld Theatre), 12TH NIGHT (Viola - GMan Tavern), BARBECUE APOCALYPSE (Props Design - Cuckoo's Theatre Project), THE BUTTCRACKER (Original Director/Choreographer, 2016 - Cuckoo's Theatre Project/Tom Boi Theatricals), REEFER MADNESS (Choreographer) (Pipedreams Studio Theatre - Millikin University).

You can see what she's up to on her website, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

photo by steven townshend

Minnie Barre

Co-Founder  //  Executive Co-Producer

(she / her / hers)

"She's small and out of your price range"

Also known by her Muggle name, Nicole Keating, Minnie Barre is a Chicago-based performer, director, and writer specializing in comedy and nerdy entertainment, i.e. she likes making jokes about superheroes and Star Wars. As production manager (and co-founder!) of Crescent Moon Nerdlesque, she is the Slayer of Spreadsheets, the Conjurer of Calendars, and the Forger of Finances. She is also the creator & Executive Producer of Fake Geek Girl Productions and the co-host of the Rude Tudors podcast. 

On the inside, Minnie is a Gryffindor, Monster Hunter/Vampire Slayer, and paranormal enthusiast. On the outside, she is somewhere between Pinkie Pie and a Hobbit. It is very confusing but always exciting.

Find out more on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

photo by steven townshend

Harlie Honeypot

Casting Directrix

(she / her / hers)

"She may seem sweet, but she'll definitely get you in a sticky situation"

Harlie HoneyPot is a Chicago native and a newbie to the Burlesque scene. When she's not doing burlesque, she's probably playing video games, reading Batman comics, quoting Rick and Morty, or performing in Musicals around the Chicago area. 

Catch Harlie HoneyPot performing with Vaudezilla and Chaotic Erotic. Later this year, Harlie will be appearing in Heathers: The Musical as Heather Chandler, July 31th- August 9th at The Edge Theater.

Find out more about Harlie on her Facebook and Instagram

photo by steven townshend

Lottie a la West


(she / her / hers)

"You can travel east, north or south, but these dangerous curves are always a la west"

Lottie a la West is the Body Positive Nerd Princess of Chicago, she's performed all across the country as a performer in the Michigan Burlesque Festival, the Kansas City Nerdlesque Festival, and the inaugural Midwest Nerdlesque Festival and the Oshkosh Nerdlesque Festival. She's been featured in the Mainstage shows with Bubble Pop Burlesque at Anime Milwaukee and Anime Crossroads. 

She's a content creator under the moniker "Chaotic High Femme" and is focused on bringing safe spaces and body positivity to all of the creations she makes, whether it be through Nerdlesque, Cosplay, LARPing, or hyping up people on the internet. If you wanna talk to someone about wig maintenance, anime and Star Wars & Trek, she's your gal.

See all the things Lottie is up to on her Facebook, Instagram, TwitterYouTube and TikTok

photo by steven townshend

Poppy Seed


(she / her / hers)

"She's tiny & delicious, and you just might get addicted"

Poppy Seed is a pint sized singing sensation who blends her love of nerdy pop culture with a background in theater and dance. You can catch her shaking her stuff all over Chicago.

When not performing, Poppy loves to drink steaming hot black tea, read all of the sci-fi/fantasy novels she can find, and roguishly defeat dragons inside dungeons. This petite sweet treat also loves pink and sparkles.  Poppy manages several social media accounts for different companies, and is super active on social media. 

Find out more about Poppy on her Facebook, Instagram, and subscribe to her OnlyFans for exclusive content

photo by chuy hernandez

Allie Dente


(she / her / hers)

"She's the Queen of Rock and Ravioli & she's never overdone."

Allie Dente is new to the burlesque scene, having made her debut with Crescent Moon Nerdlesque in April of 2019. She feels like she's found her artistic home, and couldn't be prouder to be a part of this big sexy, nerdy coven. Allie is also a classically trained actor, and freelance costume designer and dialect coach! 

When not listening to music and coming up with ideas for new acts, Allie can be found baking, costuming, reading foolishly large books and neck deep in arts & crafts. She's a proud Gryffindor and loves nothing more than getting a little fusilli and gnocchi-ing your socks off with her fellow Crescent Moonies!

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