about us

Mission Statement

Crescent Moon Nerdlesque is a pop culture-centered production created by femme humans to showcase talented performers of all disciplines.

We aim to create high quality performances that celebrate beloved characters and stories from all fandoms that inspire, engage, and evoke change within ourselves and the world around us.

    Values Declaration

  • We believe in creating an inclusive experience to celebrate all things nerdy, pop-culture and glamorous for everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, color, background, gender, sex, age, religion, ability, sexual orientation, marital status, military status, or fandom.
  • We believe in breaking down the barriers, stereotypes, stigmas and expectations surrounding nerd culture through welcoming & showcasing diverse performers of all shapes, sizes, races, identities and backgrounds.
  • We believe that every nerd has the right & duty (hehe) to celebrate their unique sexiness.
  • We believe in the transformative power of live performance, digital experiences and in the capabilities of the human imagination.
  • We believe in fostering new beginnings, and in empowering ourselves and others to create our own independent opportunities.
  • We believe that failure, mistakes and accountability are the most important teachable moments for growth & success.
  • We believe that we can go where no nerd has gone before.
    *cue Star Trek theme song of your choice here*

Incident Resolution Strategy

At Crescent Moon Nerdlesque, we are committed to creating an equitable, fair, transparent and inclusive space for artists to come together in safety to collaborate and perform together. We align with the guidelines set forth by the Chicago Theatre Standards, and the BCAUS Code of Conduct.

This document outlines our full Incident Resolution Strategy and plan to address, investigate, and resolve to the best of our abilities any incidents that may arise in a variety of circumstances ranging from live shows, digital shows, company correspondence, and internal company business.

To ensure your experiences with Crescent Moon Nerdlesque aligned with our actions & decisions as a production team & company, please review our Mission Statement & Values Declaration (also listed directly above!), and if you feel it needed, please fill out our
Incident Report Form.