boldly go where no nerd has gone before

with chicago's nerdiest, knee-slappingest and risque burlesque cabaret

Since August 2018, Crescent Moon Nerdlesque has been serving up all things nerdtastic and fabulous in their highly thematic shows. Ranging from video games to Broadway, these femme-nerds bring polished, high energy, crowd-pleasing performances where ever they go.

In 2019, they were finalists in the Chicago Reader's Best of Chicago Awards for "Best Dance Troupe" and traveled to Kent, Ohio to perform at the Midwest Nerdlesque Festival.

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Upcoming Projects

Saucy at Home

The Crescent Moon Nerdlesque
Quarantine Cocktail eBook

The Finnish have a word for drinking at home in your underwear (Kalsarikannit) - and even though we've been cooped up indoors for who knows how long, we wanted to give you some INSPIRATION to drink at home in your underwear! Okay okay, maybe this seemingly never-ending pandemic already has you doing just that, but let us make it MORE interesting with these personal takes on our favorite classic cocktail recipes.

In this 22-page eBook, you will find recipes from the entire Crescent Moon Nerdlesque company with each performer's special twist on their favorite cocktail recipe.

The 2021 Nerdlesque Calendar

What a trash fire of a year 2020 has been, amirite? Can anyone keep track of what day it is anymore?!

Have no fear - we have a solution! Why not improve your 2021 by gracing your walls with the nerdtastic babes of Crescent Moon Nerdlesque as they guide you through your months to keep you on track (or just keep you distracted 😉). This 12-month wall calendar features our company members donning their favorite cosplays & nerdlesque attire.

Featuring photography by:
A Distant Era (Steven Townshend)
Two Branches Photography (Chris Jansen)

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